Avenue100 delivers high quality student inquiries to educational institutions. Combining expert digital marketing science with a customer centric approach, we connect aspiring students to opportunities for higher education.

We employ machine learning, deep analytics and personal service to satisfy the needs of our constituents. We have a long history of delivering predictable results for high-quality institutions.

01 What We Do

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Using proprietary technology and a rich network of web properties we help prospective students make good choices.

  • CourseAdvisor
  • OnlineDegreeFinder
  • Teacher Certification Degrees
  • Sociology Degree Programs
  1. CourseAdvisor
  2. OnlineDegreeFinder
  3. Teacher Certification Degrees
  4. Sociology Degree Programs

Avenue100 is a leading analytics-based performance marketing company. Founded in 2004, we’re long time operators in the education space and seasoned digital marketing experts.

We wholly embrace the linkage between marketing and mathematics and our passion fuels exceptional results for customers. We employ dynamic data systems for continuous advertising optimization. This results in positive outcomes for individuals aspiring to greater purpose and institutions seeking to engage them.

02 Who We Are

We are a high-energy organization focused on building a great company within the multi-billion dollar digital media space. We’re also a fun group who strive to do the right thing for our stakeholders.

We’re a close-knit, entrepreneurial team that isn’t afraid to tackle hard problems. We aim to create an agile and rewarding work environment where innovation thrives.

We’re seeking smart, passionate and fun people to join our dynamic team. If you have relevant skills and the desire and aptitude to become part of a great digital marketing organization then get in touch with us.

03 Work With Us

As the saying goes: work hard, play hard. If you need a break you can enjoy a mid-day work out, ping pong or a video game without judgment. When you have a great idea you’ll be happy to know you have a team around you that’s open to change and can help you realize it.  Our employees enjoy generous vacation time and comprehensive health and dental plans from day one.  We also welcome a weekly visit from the ice cream truck in the summer as well as a fully stocked company kitchen, casual dress code, cafeteria and fitness center.

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